Ipod Sycning issues

I just received the dreaded 0xE8000065 error while trying to sync my ipod touch 2nd generation. Looking on the web I found a number of methods to fix this issue but what worked for me was the following:

1) connect the ipod to the pc using the usb cable
2) let Itunes startup and give you the error message
3) dismiss the error message
4) hold down the power and home buttons (>10sec) till you see the ipod startup again
5) wait till it restarts after which Itunes will automatically pick up the device

Once the 0xE8000065 error was gone I got the next error “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPod”. To fix this I had to do the following

0) close itunes
1) download and run http://i-funbox.com/ (it not an installable app 😉
2) search for the file iTunesDB and rename it to “OLDiTunesDB”
3) close i-funbox
4) start itunes and let it sync

Later (ie last night) I discovered the problem with his method is that you loose access to the stored music and video content on the pod. To resolve this do the following

0) run ifunbox again
1) click on recover music and video
2) copy all the files over to a temp folder on the PC
3) Using ifunbox file browser delete the folder User/Media/Itunes_Control/Music
4) Run up media monkey and download the music back on to the device


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