Sorting photos using Lightroom

I’ve only recently started to use Lightroom (LR). Right now the only task its used for is to sort photos.

The normal way things work in our household is that we use the cameras on the SLR / phone and iPads till the memory runs out. This happens at the most inopportune moment like right before a birthday party or a holiday trip. As time is short I usually connect it up to the PC and drag & drop all the photos to a “ToSort” later folder. After a few months this becomes really messy and impossible to use. This is where light room fits in!

My way of archiving photos is in date order. One folder per year, then one per event with a description. It looks similar to this.


I use LR to take all my random photos in the “ToSort” folder and create this structure. So this is how you do it:

1) Start LR and click Import
2) Select a source on the Left (ie the ToSort folder)
3) Ensure the operation is set to “Move”4) Set a destination folder on the right (eg “Sorted”)
5) Ensure the Organize is set to “By date” and the Date format is set correctly. I use yyyy-mm-dd as its easy to sort & store on any file system.
6) Select all photos to process by clicking the Check All button
7) Finally click Import to make it all happen




Now to the best part of this process: If you had multiple cameras at an event (say a SLR and iPhones) then all the photos from these devices will automatically merge into the same date folder!

If you had multiple copies of the same image (because I’ve downloaded them from the device and not bothered to delete them and forgotten that I had copied them already), LR will ask you what you want done.









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