Bit-streaming High Resolution audio using foobar2000

I’ve been wanting a high quality audio setup for a while. Only recently was I able to splurge on bunch of equipment which sounds fantastic. Almost anything would be better than my 15+ year old Sony book shelf speakers. The equipment I have setup is the following:

The amp is connected to a htpc using hdmi output from a Nvidia GT630 video card. The software on the htpc only needs to put the bitstream onto the hdmi because the AMP will do the job of decoding.

I decided to use foobar2000 as my audio player mainly because is free and all the software components I need are easily available. You need the following software

  1. Foobar2000 – Main application, supports FLAC, mp3 out of the box
  2. TouchRemote DACP server – component which allow you to remote control the application using Apple Remote
  3. SACD Decoder – component which allows you to decode super audio CD IOS / DSF files.
  4. WASAPI Output – component which allows direct output of the bitstream

Installing Application and setup of library

Installing the application is pretty easy: “download and double click the executable”. In the “Quick appearance setup” I preferred the Album list + Properties + Visualizations in dark blue.

Image 1

Once the application starts up, change the library view to “by folder structure”. This will display your music library in the same format as you have it stored on disk.

Image 3

Now click file -> preferences -> media library and provide the path to the music.

Image 4

Image 17

Installing DACP Server

Follow the instructions in this youtube video.

Installing SACD & WASAPI components

Download both the files and extract the “foo_input_sacd.fb2k-component” and “WASAPI.fb2k-component” files.  Click file -> preferences -> components and drag & drop both the components into the window. Then restart foobar for these to be recognized.

After the restart click file -> preferences -> playback -> output and change the output from DS (direct sound) to “WASAPI (push) : NVIDIA High Definition Audio”

Image 18


Thats all! You should now be able to enjoy your audio.


Update  2/Sept/15:

I found that my Nvidia card HDMI negotiations didn’t work too well. Sometimes it would report the yamaha and other times it would report the epson projector as the audio device. This mean that foobar would stall and required the output setting to be changed.

I’ve gone back to DS (aka direct sound).


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