Sail & Anchor Castaway Pear Cider

Tasting Notes

Containing a luscious medium sweet palate, the Castaway Pear Cider is best enjoyed ice cold on a warm summers day.


Its a medium sweet cider which has a very clean finish. I found it didn’t have strong peach flavours but was very subtle and light.

Rating: ** out of 5


De Bortoli Emeri Pink Moscato

Tasting Notes

The Pink Moscato is a light and lively bubbly with rose petal aromas and fresh strawberry flavours.

Our Impression

We found it slightly sweet and very light. It was quite refreshing on a hot summers night and it didn’t last very long. This was our very first sweet rose and it left us quite impressed.

Rating: *** of 5

Grants Family Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky


From Grants website:

Pour a measure of Grant’s Family Reserve into a glass. To release more flavour, add an equal amount of water. Swirl the liquid around then draw in the aroma through your nose. This is ‘nosing’.

When you sip, there is an unmistakable Speyside style of fluting, malty notes. You may find that hints of banana and vanilla sweetness finely balance sharper malty tones. It is the purest expression of Grant’s perfectly balanced house style.

I followed these instructions and I couldn’t find any banana or vanilla tones. All I found was a smooth well blended whisky that was really easy to sip. I loved every glass so much that I wouldn’t even contemplate mixing with anything else.

Rating: ***  out of 5

The Green Bean Coffee Beans

We had run out of coffee beans at home and I was looking to get the our standard coffee: Jasper Isabella from our usual place. The shop that sells this coffee is quite far and I didn’t have much time today to pick up any.

 A quick Google revealed a shop near by called The Green Bean. They sell freshly roasted coffee while you wait! I ordered 500gms of House Blend #6 and 500gm of Organic Fairtrade coffee. Both of these are supposed to be mild in drinking and we can’t wait to try them.

One thing Luke did mention as I was paying for the coffee was:

Aging coffee after roasting can also play a part in the qualities it exhibits. The aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans is hard to beat, and pressing coffee while it is still warm out of the roaster is something we do all the time. But coffee beans need time to rest after they have been roasted. In fact, coffee that was aged while green will require a longer rest period after roasting in order to settle down. Fresh roasted coffee goes through a natural off-gassing process and it is usually days before a coffee reaches its peak in flavour. The lighter the roast, the longer it will take to peak.
 This means we have to wait for a 5-7 days before opening either of the bags. Boo!

The coffee machine we use at home is a Jura E80 which has been with us for almost 5 years. This still gives us a good cuppa. We would be lost without it.

The Happy Princess

This is a story written and illustrated by my 5 year old daughter.

Once upon a time there was a princess skipping along the road. Some of her ice cream dropped on a turtle walking along the road.

She looked at him and the turtle told her all about the story why he was limping. She said “Humm I should show this to the king”.

When she arrive, the king was very angry because he didn’t want his kingdom to get all dirty.

She stomped off to the queens room. The queen was really delighted to see the turtle. The princess give her a pack of money and the queen let her keep the turtle.

The king said “hummm!, I think i should go see the happy princess!”.

The king said “How are you feeling darling?”

The princess said “I don’t feel that well, I think I need a potion now.”

The king told all his army men to search the castle for the potion. The cat knew where the potion was.

The cat brought the potion to the princess and she was surprised.

Slowly the cat turned into a bird.

And then they lived happily ever after.

The End