Firefox – sslv3 broken security protocol

Since the upgrade to 34.0.5, I can no longer access the management web pages of many of our network devices. It gives an error:

Firefox cannot guarantee the safety of your data on because it uses SSLv3, a broken security protocol.
Advanced info: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap

I made the following changes in about:config

security.tls.version.fallback-limit (default=1, change to 0)
security.tls.version.min (default=1, change to 0)
security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling (default = true, change to false)
security.ssl3.* (quite a few are set to disable, enable them all)




If you see the error ssl_error_unsupported_version then do the following:

1) Type about:config in the location bar.
2) In the search bar that comes up, enter: security.tls.version.min . Double-click on the entry that comes up and change the value to 0.
3) Do the same for security.tls.version.fallback-limit .
4) Test your broken site. It should work now.


UPDATE: This does not work reliably so I’ve start using Firefox Portable as discussed here.


Using Wireshark to define firewall rules

I had an application that I need allow through my local firewall but the documentation wasn’t clear what ports I need to open. The normal method I used to finger print the application was the following method:

1) enable firewall logs
2) ask user to start application on the pc
3) check the firewall logs for “denied” traffic from this PC
4) add firewall rules to allow this traffic
5) repeat till there is no denied traffic

I found that wireshark has a very good built in toolto help identify the traffic. Here’s how to use it.

1) On the PC which is running the application, install wireshark
2) Start wireshark and capture all local traffic
3) Start the application and close it as normal
4) Stop wireshark
5) Add a filter to match for traffic to the destination “ip.dst==”



6) Now click on Statistics -> Endpoint, ensure that the “limit to display filter” tick box is turned on
7) Click address (to sort by address)


You can then use the tabs to gather the information required for your firewall rules. In my case I already know the destination ip address and clicking TCP showed me that I need to allow the following ports:

TCP 443
TCP 8143
TCP 8443
TCP 80


Installing Meedios 0.6.9

See my previous my post for screenshots and a more detail description.

1) Download and install meedios

Multiple installs of meedios can run in parallel if you make sure to set the install directories correctly. As meedios upgrades still not implemented well I would suggest that you change the default install directory to c:\meedios.0.6.9 and accept all the default options.

Then allow the first time configuration wizard to run and set the appropriate paths for Movies and TV shows. I don’t use anything else so everything else (Music / Photos) was turned off.

Then don’t let MeediOS startup and let the installer finish.

2) Fix some annoyances (aka default settings)

a)  Speed up
Step 3 from the post above but do not turn off control point and External Player

b) External Player
 Setup Extenal play properties in the external player fulltime plugin

c) Turn of weather importing

Head over to the library and disable the hourly import

d) Remove New overlay

Follow step 13 in the above post.

e) Change to smaller font
This allows you to have bigger text labels for menu items, ie by default “Bollywood” does not fit.

Follow step 12 in the above post.

3) Manual run of importers

If you let the installer in step one continue it will start up MeediOS and in the background start importing all the files and download the meta data. I tried this but found that a few of my movies were missing posters. I think manually running the importers with the “Google scraper” as a catch all seems to work best.


So start the configuration program and click on libraries and then select the movies database. (Step 7a from the post above). Then click on the “Import Data” importer and then click click on “Advanced MovieData Settings” and add the google scraper to Posters data type.

Now run all the importers in the correct order

TV Shows (Step 9 from the post above)
Run all the importers in the correct order, all the default setting seem to work fine

4) Kids Menu
Follow step 8 in the above post.

5) Bollywood Menu
 Follow step 5 in the above post.

6) World Movies
 Follow step 6 in the above post.

Manually Installing Adobe Camera Raw

I’ve always had a problem installing a working version of Adobe Camera Raw. When the AdobePatchInstaller.exe it always comes up with the error “Update is not applicable” shown below.


A brief history of Adobe Camera Raw

You can find a complete list of camera raw versions for Windows 32bit on this page:

V2.4 to 5.1 – contains a file format plugin (32bit and 64bit) call “Camera Raw.8bi” which is copied to the “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug-ins\File Formats” path.


v5.2 to 5.7 – contains the file format plugin (in 8bi format) and Adobe start to package in Camera Profiles (as .exe) as well. Installation of the Camera Profiles is simple as running the CameraProfiles.exe executable and it drops a whole bunch of files into “C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw”


V5.7 – This the last version of the Camera Raw software that has a very simple install interface.

V5.8 to current – The install procedure changed and you need to run a application called AdobePatchInstaller.exe which then extracts the files, renames them and put them in the correct location.

However you still want to install the files manually, as in my case, then keep reading.

Current Packaging Method

If you click on the payloads folder you will see

03/07/2012  11:22 PM              .
03/07/2012  11:22 PM              ..
03/07/2012  11:22 PM              AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-210510124504
03/07/2012  11:22 PM              AdobeCameraRaw6.0All-x64-210510130426
03/07/2012  11:22 PM              AdobeCameraRawProfile6.0All-210510124637
21/05/2010  01:05 PM            41,984 Media_db.db
21/05/2010  01:05 PM               170 Setup.xml
21/05/2010  12:45 PM             2,337 UpdateManifest.xml
3 File(s)         44,491 bytes
5 Dir(s)  65,437,519,872 bytes free

To extract the camera raw file format plug in do the following:

1) Click on AdobeCameraRaw6.0 folder (ie x64 if you want the 64bit version otherwise use the one without it)
2) Double click the
3) look for a file called “1003” and extract this. More recent packages of camera raw have additional file which you can safely ignore.
4) rename this file to “Camera Raw.8bi” and install it to the location plugin folder for Photoshop.

You can then skip the camera profiles if you really want. To extract the camera profiles navigate to the AdobeCameraRawProfiles6 folder and open the This contains all the profiles but with a non standard name. The mapping between the cryptic vs real names is contained the file called Media_db.db (a standard SQlite database)  in the table called “installfile”.


The image above is captured using the sqlite-manager plugin for firefox.

The simple way to do things

1) Download and install v5.7 of Camera Raw and Camera Profiles
2) Download the most recent version of camera raw supported by your photoshop version and manually extract file 1003 and rename and install it over the previous one


Update – 20/01/2014

I just got myself a new 64bit system with Win7 64bit. So I had to reinstall my Photoshop C5 as 64bit and the latest Camera Raw.

I clicked on the link above and downloaded and unziped “AdobeCameraRaw-7.1-mul-AdobeUpdate”. From this file I extracted the “AdobeCameraRaw7.0All-x64-160512110605” folder which contained the file “”. Inside the Assets zip file I found a single file called 1002 (as per one of the commenter below). Then I renamed this file to “Camera Raw.8bi” and copied it to “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64 Bit)\Plug-ins\File Formats”.

For the 32bit version I  extraced the “AdobeCameraRaw7.0All-160512104601” folder which contained the file “”. Inside the Assets zip file I found a single file called1003 which I renamed to “Camera Raw.8bi” and copied it to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Plug-ins\File Formats”

When I fired up Photoshop CS5 it complained that the version wasn’t compatible! Going back to the original link I discovered that the last supported camera raw version for CS5 is 6.6 or – The process then was exactly the same and this time Photoshop CS5 didn’t complain.

Debugging Python scripts

Here are some tips to debugging python scripts:

1) Starting the debugger:

python -m pdb <>

2) Useful commands:

Execute the current line, stop at the first possible occasion (either in a function that is called or on the next line in the current function).
Continue execution until the next line in the current function is reached or it returns. (The difference between next and step is that step stops inside a called function, while next executes called functions at (nearly) full speed, only stopping at the next line in the current function.)
p expression
Evaluate the expression in the current context and print its value.

(Pdb) ?

Documented commands (type help ):
EOF    break  condition  disable  help    list  q       step     w
a      bt     cont       down     ignore  n     quit    tbreak   whatis
alias  c      continue   enable   j       next  r       u        where
args   cl     d          exit     jump    p     return  unalias
b      clear  debug      h        l       pp    s       up
Miscellaneous help topics:
exec  pdb
Undocumented commands:
retval  rv
List all the available parameters or functions of an object.

Downloading photos using i-FunBox

The itunes method to download photos is cumbersome. I use ifunbox to download my photos. I have tested this with v1.97 and IOS 5.0 on a iphone 4s.

1) download the install ifunbox


2) Start ifunbox and click on the camera icon in the left hand tree. On the right hand side select all your photos and drag them to your folder

3) once all photos copied then delete them from the camera
4) then you need to click on PhotoData and delete all the Photo.* & changes.* files. If you don’t do this then you will still see all your photos in the photo app but a very low quality thumbnails.


Then restart the Photo app and you will have an brand new photo library to start taking photos with.