Backing up FreeNAS to Amazon S3

ZFS is excellent at storing all your data safely but “there are still lots of potential ways for your data to die, and you still need to back up your pool. Period. PERIOD!

The process below shows how you can setup a regular sync to Amazon S3 and was tested on FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201509022158.

Setup the S3 Folders and Upload User

Log on to the AWS interface

Select Services -> S3

  • create a bucket
  • configure the logs as requested

Select Services -> Security and Identity -> IAM

  • On the left either click “Users” or click “Create individual IAM users” in the main interface
  • Create a new user and note the AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key
  • Select the user and give is the permission “AmazonS3FullAccess”

Add Jail for s3cmd

On FreeNAS: Click Jails -> Add Jail and give it a name s3cmd.

So attached to the jail and install s3cmd.

ssh root@freenas.local
jexec <1> /bin/tcsh (where 1 is the jail ID from the previous command)
pkg install py27-dateutil-2.4.2
pkg install py27-magic-5.25
pkg install gnupg
pkg install py27-s3cmd-1.6.0
mkdir /mnt/zfspool

Click Jails -> s3cmd -> Storage -> Add storage

Then configure the following

  • Source is the folder in the zfspool you want to backup
  • Destination is /mnt/zfspool/new_folder
  • Ensure its set as Read Only
  • Select Create Directory

Configure s3cmd

root@s3cmd:~ # s3cmd --configure
Then configure the following:
AWS Access Key
AWS Secret Key
Default Region: US
Encryption password: password safe
Path to gpg: /usr/local/bin/gpg


root@s3cmd:~ # s3cmd ls
2016-02-29 05:09  s3://Bucket1
2015-03-12 04:36  s3://Bucket2
2015-12-07 05:43  s3://Bucket3

Start your first sync

root@s3cmd:~ # s3cmd -v sync /mnt/ s3://Bucket1
INFO: Compiling list of local files...
INFO: Running stat() and reading/calculating MD5 values on 96943 files, this may take some time...



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